Together we seek to gather as congregations, share the love God has given, and strengthen the greater community through intentional collaboration. We welcome and affirm all people without exception! 

Student Created Values

Relationships: healthy relationships inside and outside of our congregations.
Serving Others: serving God by serving others in our community, country, and world
 New Experiences: opening our hearts through experiences that challenge us personally
 Fellowship: gathering with friends and strangers building up the body of Christ
 Student Leadership: empowering youth to raise their voice, share their faith, and lead
 Welcome and Affirmation: welcoming and affirming all people
 Deeper Faith: deepening our relationship with God and seeking Christ in all that we do
 Shenanery: engaging in fun and recreation that fills our hearts with joy

Congregational Opportunities

 Yearly training events for adult leaders and students 
 Access to collaboratively developed curriculum and resources
 Monthly senior high and middle school fellowship events
 Quarterly confirmation parent/teen forums
 Annual weekend event for senior and middle school families
 Week-long summer camp experience for middle school youth
 Week-long summer mission trip for senior high youth
 Quarterly service opportunities for students and families
 Youth ministry program consultations and resourcing support


John Holt

Director of Youth Ministries and Communication
Salem Lutheran Church, Lenexa KS

D.J. Whetter

Director of Youth Ministry and Adult Discipleship
Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Overland Park, KS